Wednesday, April 12, 2006

Giving life after his death

I had briefly mentioned an email I received a few days ago from the mother of a 21 year man who was addicted to drugs. I had been waiting for her permission to post her actual email. I got her reply this morning, and I'm absolutely overjoyed that she consented. I truly feel that each of us has a purpose in life, a reason, a goal to fulfill - to change someone, to touch them, to better them in some way, or to leave them open to some way to better themselves.

I think that this letter may mean more to me than any other I've ever received in my ten years of being online, because it exemplifies the power of the struggle Nova experienced, and how much he has and still is impacting our world.

He was such an amazing little guy. I miss him so very much, but if his passing has saved this woman the same pain I'm feeling over losing my son, then his life was well lived indeed.

I've changed the son's name, and omitted hers, for the sake of their privacy.

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Sent: Monday, April 10, 2006 8:54 AM
Subject: Nova

Hi Erin, I just wanted to thank you for being the kind of Mom you are. Because you shared your abiding love for Nova with us all through your writings on the net, he indeed touched lives in unexpected ways and places. I have to tell you the way Nova's life affected my 21 yr old son's life, because it's nothing short of a miracle.

Jack is a drug addict, pacified these past 8 months on daily methadone doses to curb a 4 year self destruct, hammering every drug imaginable. Of course this beats strolling the streets for just any ole drug to inject, but as you know, it too is an opiate rendering many of the same side effects as any opiate. It's a 'ball and chain' and all the other cliches' used to describe addictions.

I shared your post stories about Nova's daily struggles with Jack. He was humiliated to learn a little baby boy on the East coast, through no choice of his own, had to have some of the same drugs he's abused by choice. John enters a rehab on Good Friday, April 14, miraculously inspired by Nova's suffering and death.

Nova had a voice because of you, Erin and his courage will be heard and respected far beyond those hospital walls if you will please keep writing.

This story was also a part of Nova's eulogy, and will forever be a part of my memory of the miracle that is Nova.

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  1. This really moved me.
    Nova was born with such power just knowing about him changed people's lives. And through sharing his story with us all, you also change people's lives. Thank you for sharing with all of us.