Wednesday, August 31, 2005

It's a beautiful day!

I got a delivery today - 2 different kinds of angels! I didn't even know she was sending the one style. The suncatchers were a surprise. How amazing is that!? The site didn't have the item listed, so I couldn't get pics of them - I hunted and found pictures of the item, but they're not great pics - they do the angels no justice.

Speaking of angels, did you know that if you do an MSN search for
"Erin Angel" my blog comes up first (on page 2 anyway)? Weird.

On the grieving parents poetry anthology, I'm working on that ISBN # and pumping some sources for ideas. I think, due to the vastness of my ignorance, it may be a slow process, but I think it could really be a success.

Tommy, my oldest son, actually started his first job today. He looked terrified before he left, grandma made an excuse to go to the store so she could check in on him. He was cleaning up his 3rd spill of the day - and not all that thrilled about it. I hope he enjoys the rest of the job more than the cleaning!

So - today, ALL of my children were "elsewhere" except Terra. Terra is sleeping blissfully, as is the beast within and for the first time in weeks I'm not being pushed, pulled, begged, or getting my ass kicked from the inside out. It'll last another 30 minutes tops, and I'm off to enjoy the 30 minutes of wonder.

Hope you're all having a beautiful day, like I am.


  1. It all sounds just grandtabulous. On a lighter note: Concentrate weed-hopper. lol! Really, though, I know how much all this means to you. I truly wish I could do more. Allow me to explore a few options and see what I can come up with. I'm not implying success, but it could happen. ~ James

  2. Time to change ya screen name to Erin Angel, hon! Hugs and ~ML as always! :-) Peace.