Friday, August 12, 2005

No Longer

No Longer

Moonflowers unfurl in fullness
with pale faces as I lay my cheek
where once your name was spoken.

The earth has swallowed your stone
till I can no longer read your name -
there are only memories and dew.

No hummingbirds trumpet petaled praises,
no honeybees drink - they have flown,
with wings too fast to be seen.


  1. V & E2 ~

    Sorry about all of the comments you guys made that are suddenly gone. I was trying to add a picture, but it wouldn't post the way I wanted and I ended up deleting the post and starting over... sorry.

  2. Erin, enjoyed this but didn't understand S1.


  3. Nno problem, E. Sorry I gave you such a hard time about this one.

  4. Very sad poem. From reading your previous posts, I think I have an idea what you're talking about.

  5. understand I do. the first stanza speaks loudly. poetically. it would have without the knowledge. for inside the poetics is where one will find understanding.