Monday, August 8, 2005

It's Like I'm Always Saying

It's Like I'm Always Saying, editing is of the utmost importance to a well crafted piece of poetry. Mike seems to agree with me. Now if only we could spread the word!


  1. Excellent article, E. At first I looked at this post and was like, huh? Then I realized, duh, a link... I've said some of those things...

  2. i dunno wath ol ths fus abowt splling is fur!

    (all right, I'll stop)
    I tried to email you but I've only got your defunct address- could you send me a message?

  3. Martin~
    I don't know which addy you wrote to but my Road Runner mail server has been having seizures since midnight last night, and it was turned off for a while too, so it was probably something on my end, not yours. I emailed you a while ago, did you get it? If not, email me at

  4. Thanks for the link, Erin. I think how you put it, "well crafted," is really what it's about. If it's a craft, then it's something you can work at to improve. Nobody tells sculptors they can just to take one good whack with the chisel and call it good.