Thursday, August 25, 2005

I Remember

I remember... do you? OK, maybe I don't either.

Right now my 2 yr old is sitting front of the TV buck-naked watching Dora the Explorer. "No panties Mama! Nakey butt!" Well, OK then. . . what's the big deal? If I could sit in my favorite chair watching my favorite show, in the nude, by god I'd do it too.

A week or so ago, my oldest daughter turned 11. She invited friends over, had her favorite cake and ice cream, she got gifts and cash - and spent time with her best friend listening to her favorite CDs and surfing the net. It was a good day, but of all the things she did and got, do you know what she was most excited about? Underwear.

She started Middle School this year. 6th grade - and in Middle School, you have to go into the locker room and 'dress out' in front of all the other girls. So suddenlt your panties become somehow the center of your universe, and she said she was embarrassed by her Sponge Bob and Dora panties (that she LOOOVED over the summer) She said they were the wrong kind and the characters were for babies.
Well she's certainly no baby, and I remember the trauma of dressing out for P.E. so, she got new panties, in a slightly more mature style (no, not thongs or any damn thing like that) And I'm telling you right now, none of my children have ever been so completely tickled with underwear. She squeeled and giggled and danced around - it was pretty darn funny.

So what is it I don't remember? Simplicity.
I wouldn't go back and do anything in my life over - but I'd sure pay for a few minutes of the simple pleasures like nudity, and new panties.

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  1. Erin - It sounds like your kids are growing up quite healthy and balanced with you as their Mom. There is a permeating sense throughout your work that you always have a handle on what's most important to understand! I don't usually use this word but it fits here: Bravo!

  2. hey girl,
    did ya get the luck i sent you,
    missing you at the photo inspiration but i see your time is at a premium. these are all good things you do! Bravo!

  3. Patty~
    Thank you, that means much to me. I'm not generally one to get too awfully excited about things, even the big things - why bother you know? It doesn't help!

    dave dave! I did indeed get your OPC mail, and I'm working on a bit of return mail for you - but you weren't supposed to ASK silly, now you've ruined the surprise! :P


  4. Is it really any different than the fact that I wear something new at the first opportunity? I think it is very cute that she can get excited about these things. Her head is in the right place. It might be harder to live down sponge bob.

  5. You know what's funny, E? I remember one day in school when I forgot undies and I was horribly uncomfortable all day. Now it's the other way around. If I happen to HAVE to wear a pair, I am horribly uncomfortable all day. And I do have nice undies, I just prefer not to wear them. :-P

  6. Get some silk, E2. It is all I

  7. Oh god. They grow up and that's the thing I need to accept. My daughter is 10, and she's developing and shit, very hard for me to handle. I just have to get over the fact that my ten-year old’s got boobs. It's funny. I've told her that I can go sign a paper "down at the courthouse," and she'll have to live at home "till she's 25. She believes it: Ahh, the joys of parenthood. ~ The James

  8. lmfao James!

    Until 6 months or so, my daughter believed that she really wasn't ever going to be allowed to date till she was 35. "Daddy said so Mommy"

  9. V, I would, but my mother ingrained in my the importance of "breathable fabric," and all I was allowed was cotton. She insisted breathable fabric kept Can't say I think she's wrong (speaking from experience,anyway.)

    Sorry to hijack your comments, E!

  10. lol by all means! It isn't like I'm adverse to a bit of panty chat you know . . . ;)

  11. um, E

    I have a pair of sponge bob panties.

    am such a dork. i got excited and danced around when I found them.


  12. ah, the nightmares of gym class that you just pulled up, E. Thanks. Just when I thought that the years of therapy had removed them from my head entirely...and yep, L does have Sponge Bob panties. She was almost as excited about them as the Strawberry Shortcake socks.

  13. lol L, I have Scooby ones :) and D... 'nuff about L's panties - let's talk red hot chili pepper boxers shall we? I mean, are we talking like black boxers with red peppers on them? Or are we talking about boxers like the Red Hot Chili Peppers wear - cuz I distinctly recall that they just wear socks on their... um... you know, their "parts"