Sunday, August 21, 2005

a lot of angels

I'm afraid I've veered a bit from poetry lately, haven't I? Sorry about that guys. You'll either have to bear with me or ignore me for a bit longer, for now this pit bull has her teeth into another project - the new website - and I'm afraid I can't do 2 things at once in my old age!

So the forum is taken care of, all set up - no doubt there will be changes I'll have to make to it, but it's there and running, so alterations are no biggie, and are in the future, as I find out what the needs will be.

Now for the store. I've surfed and shopped around for online stores that carry the type of gifts I have in mind. Anything I've found just doesn't really suit my needs, so I've decided to create the products myself and create my own store. That way, I can personally guarantee the level of quality in the gift, they'll all be hand crafted, and yes, I'm artistic with something other than words ;) And on top of that, doing them myself means prices will be lower, profits will be higher, and the charity fund will grow that much faster, meaning I'll be able to help even more families!

I love doing arts and crafts type projects anyway, I'm really looking forward to this. Now all I need to do is find all the supplies at a reasonable price, which I've already begun to do- because eBay and I have been officially introduced today and I bought a 'lot' of ceramic angel bells to start working on.

I'm SO tickled right now people. You have no idea!


  1. I am so glad you've got something good to do, E! Not that you don't usually, it just feels awesome to have a project you actually WANT to do, doesn't it?

  2. I'm glad things are working out for you.

  3. Your happiness flow over onto the page!!

    Take care dear,


  4. For Erin

    Her happiness
    was formed of small matters,
    a hand held out to those in need,
    a hug to a friend, a poem
    written to grieve.

  5. lol Ginger, looks like my happiness spilled over onto your page! Good thing too, because I've got a couple in draft mode that are feeling lonely while I pull another surf-n-search :)

    Vickie - me too, sometimes it feels like not much ever goes quite right, especially in August - this is "right"

    E2, damn straight it does! And it feels good to feel good for a change!

    *hug* to all of yas!