Tuesday, August 30, 2005

News About Poetic Acceptance(s)

For the Poetic Acceptance for grieving parents:
  • I got my Employers Identification Number (EIN). Silly that I needed one, but it accomplishes a few things. It makes registering as a non-profit one step closer, and, should this charity somehow suddenly explode and need more than I can do for it, I can hire someone, legally. It also means that when making purchases, I don't have to pay sales tax - I can pay them quarterly.
  • just a few more days and my Paypal account should be fully functional, Friday from what I can tell.
  • I actually have 2 items available for purchase, the personalized printed Tshirts, and the ceramic angel bells.
  • Most of the other items should be arriving within the next few days so they'll be available soon too.
  • The Jaycees guy never did show up, but he asked what line of business Scott was in. When he found out it was landscaping, he asked Scott to come give him an estimate on some yard stuff he needed done. Needless to say, Scott went in a flash, we need the extra cash. But he took the license with him, so I suppose I missed out on the opportunity to meet him and talk about the charity.

  • For Poetic Acceptance the blog:
  • I added a couple of poems last night, and then decided that things like those are the type of poems no one knows how to respond to. Meaning new visitors probably won't leave a comment at all, because they don't want to just say hi on one of them - so I added a tag board to the sidebar. This way anyone can say hi whenever they want - regardless of what the latest posts are about.

  • For Poetic Acceptance the chapbook:
  • No News, my order of books still hasn't arrived. I'm not getting responses from the publisher at all. I'm very dissatisfied.
  • I'll have to email her again today, if I still get no response, I suppose I'll have to resort to the telephone, which won't be good for her - I can't edit my statements for tone and manners on the phone.

    1. How are the sales going on the chapbook? Can I do anything to help there?

    2. lol I have no idea V, I can't get her to reply to my emails at all - but I'll only find out the sales once per quarter anyway.

    3. Yeah, sorry, but the help offer is still there. Do you have pictures of tshirts?

    4. Also, I knew you were selling some chapbooks yourself. Any success there?