Monday, August 29, 2005

To those who will never read it.

To those who will never read it.

To whom it may concern, and I wonder if you even know who you are:
It didn't, you know - in case any of you ever read this. It didn't help a bit. It didn't change the date or make me sleep more or think of her less - it just proved that you have no clue, or no respect, one or the other. I still have to wonder which.
It was the day of the unmentioned -
the day of the conspicuous "shhhh"

The Day of the Crystal Mother,
clapper wrapped in pink-baby-blue,

there were no words, no names.
Mostly, there were no balloons.


  1. I'm sitting sideways in my chair from being so sick. And I can't give my best response, for I berely grasp what I've just read, at the moment. But I know that I respect what you're doing, and I'm glad to be your friend, if I really am.

  2. James~

    Of course I count you as one of my friends, never doubt it, even when I sort of disappear like I have lately. You are one of those that I feel that special inexplicable connections with, and I value your friendship, your opinion, and most definitely your respect. Thank you for sharing all of the above with me.

    *hug* feel better James