Monday, August 22, 2005

Poetic Acceptance for grieving parents

People WANT to do the right thing, given the opportunity. I stopped believing that at some point... but I've just received a reply from someone I solicited for a donation for Poetic Acceptance for grieving parents, and they're going to make a donation. I'm actually in tears! I'm so so happy that I've finally done something in Alexis' name.

The site I contacted sells gift items, the item I was interested in was a set of birthstone angels. I found them on one site for $10.95 per angel. There was no way at that price, plus postage, there was no way I could order them, personalize them (think art supply costs) and cover my own shipping costs to people who ordered them from me, and still provide a reasonable cost. So I went on the hunt. I found them from #7.95ea to $13.95ea on a hundred sites, but knew those prices were just too high to work for what I'm doing. Then I found them for $3.55 on another site, but no pics to be sure they were the right angels, and $5.50 on the site that just contacted me.

Much more reasonable prices, so I emailed both sites asking about the picture on the one site, and asking if there would be a discount on shipping if I ordered in bulk rather than single items. I also shamelessly plugged my cause and solicited donations. The cause is worthy, I feel no shame! One site (the $3.55 one) rejected the idea of a donation, but offered me a cut on shipping, which I felt truly thankful for, any cut is a cut in costs! And I planned to order from them as soon as I got the bank account opn.

Then I got an email from the other site. It's called Big World Gifts (The Angels are here) and Lori there has decided to send me either 5 or 10 (I'm not sure which! Like I'm going to question such generosity!?) OF EACH MONTH! free of charge, no shipping, nothing - just a box of angels for absolutely no cost, because apparently she's just an amazing wonderful person! She's enough to make me recind all earlier proclomations of "People suck." I wish I could reach her all the way in Arizona, because I'd hug her absolutely to death!

The irony of a box of angels "from heaven" is not lost on me...


  1. Erin, what great news! I'm so happy that you've finally done this. :)

    What a nice person, sending you free angels! There are truly some great people in this world, but I still think that the blanket term of people suck is probably accurate.

    Having a bad day myself, this hasa put me in a better mood, though. Good luck to you!


  2. That's just too cool, Erin. Have I told you how amazing you are? And I will be purchasing a copy of "Poetic Acceptance." Be well. ~ James

  3. That's super, Erin. There are some amazing people in this world. Unfortunately, no matter how hard I try to be one, I find that I can't afford to be one. Keep up the great work!

  4. Yes well, me too V - that's why my part of this is time and energy, because money is an unavailable resource around my house!

  5. Yeah, and doing it without money can backfire for me...thanks again for that wonderful comment last night. I really do appreciate it.