Saturday, August 6, 2005

In the last 2 weeks

  • Coming of Summer will be included in TMP Irregular #38.
  • Picnic With My Youth
    will be representing Penshells in this month's IBPC - keeping my finger crossed on that one, but not really holding out much hope.
  • Still no word from Zygote in My Coffee (not even an acknowledgement, and the second issue is about to come out since I submitted.)
  • The Tigertails Anthology submission has been acknowledged but no word as to acceptance or rejection yet.
  • Same situation with Melic Review - but I just submitted to them a few days ago, so I know there's still a wait on that one. The next (last and final) issue isn't due out until December.
  • Ploughshares is open for reading - do I have the audacity to submit to them? Yes, foolishly I do, unfortunately, I have to buy printer paper.
  • The Modern Review rejection came a few days back, I know I already posted it.
  • 2River Review rejected me a few days before TMR, I think I already posted about that one too.
  • The publisher that published Poetic Acceptance (Meeting of the Minds: Chapbook Enterprises) called over the weekend and asked if I'd come to Pennsylvania sometime between now and the end of the year to do a publicity appearance for her company to help them land a grant they've applied for. I had to decline. With the fact that my brother in law is undergoing rigorous chemo treatment for his Leukemia, and we know nothing about what's going to happen and my sister has a tumor that may or not be malignant on her femur, and the baby is due in December... It's just not going to happen before the year is over. I hate to miss the opportunity, but to go would mean that my priorities were seriously just distorted!


  1. congrats on TMP and the nomination!

  2. Thanks V! I'm keeping my hopes in check with the IBPC. I'd LOVE to place but well, I've learned not to be too hopeful lol.

    As for TMP, I like them very much - the editor is very much NOT your typical stuffy editor type. His newsletters are always so funny, very dry witted humor, once, he even included his new pic in the release announcement.