Monday, August 22, 2005

April's Angel

This is one of the angels,
April's birthstone - aren't they pretty?

I can't wait to start personalizing these!
I added pictures of all of them on the Store Page
and a small picture of the other angels I bought the other day too.
Of course, I don't actually have them yet,
so the pictures are pre-personalization.


  1. It is awesome. Just a suggestion, I have an angel birthstone pin. These are things that people can wear and they should be relatively inexpensive...

  2. Great minds think alike V, I was looking at them last night, in bulk. It's just a point of waiting for money to order some things (I couldn't find a "person" at this site to ask for a donation, or I would have!) I've asked several sites about the possibility of a donation of products though - so we'll see how it goes.

  3. Erin,

    Just visited your site- wonderful.
    I feel certain it will help many through the grieving process.

    Is your Pay pal account up and running?

  4. Ginger~
    The Paypal account for the poetic acceptance site can recieve donations, but only from other paypal accounts (definitely), or from bank accounts (I think)- but no credit card payments until I can get to the bank Thursday (payday) and they can verify it.

    I hope I can help people Ginger - that's really why I'm doing this. I'll be heartbroken if I can't get this up and running and get TRAFFIC lol, I think that's probably the hardest part!

    (I tried to email this message to you, but it bounced back?)

  5. Yeah, we've been having problems online. Someone apparantly broke into my website using my email account there to send emails; we received spoofing emails from Pay Pal and other financial companies and we just shut down for awhile, worried about someone stealing passwords, getting into accounts, setting up fake identities. Pay Pal was one of the accounts I just shut down.

    Pay Pal seems to get spoofed a lot. Don't click on links form suspicious emails, asking you to update or verify account.

    I'll send you the new email address. And it will have to be a check as we don't have a Pay Pal account now.

    Take care,


  6. Yeah the paypal "phish" mail sucks (I gave ya the secret to avoiding them in email) And a check will be great too - It's just getting deposited anyway :) Hell Ginger, send it in rolled pennies, or better yet, LOOSE pennies! I'll still be more grateful than you could know!