Wednesday, August 31, 2005

Another Chapbook?

I'd love to do a memorial chapbook of poetry written by bereaved parents - and of course, profits go to the charity. I think it's something that would even go over really well in the hospital - at least the one where Alexis was born, they were all about brochures and most of them included poetry. Of course, I'd have to find a dependable publisher. I know the one who published the last one would be interested, but I can't set something like this up with her - it's too important to me to give to someone who can't answer emails or fill orders dependably.

I think I shouldn't start any new projects right now - but this is definitely one that I want to keep on the front burner. Any and all ideas and suggestions are more than welcome folks - like, as in, anyone know a dependable publisher that might be interested? OMFG! Brain storm!

Hold that thought folks - I just had one hell of a lightbulb! God I love blogging, how did I ever think things through before!?!?!

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  1. Erin,

    I think the chapbook is a wonderful idea, and I do think that it would probably go over well, not only with parents, but with publishers. How do you think the Chicken Soup series got so popular. It's something tangible for a hurting person to hold onto. It almost becomes their personal bible, ya know?

    Can't wait to hear the lightbulb idea.

    As far as publishers go, sorry, freshh out of ideas, but I certainly would recommend that you stay as far away from this one as you can. (Personal opinion-- not a testament to the quality of your current chap) Of course, we've been through that before, haven't we? No need to do it again. :)

    Good luck!