Saturday, August 27, 2005


Alright, one more thing done in my endeavor to become a non-profit. I opened up that bank account this afternoon.

I haven't had a bank account in something like 5 years I guess. Last time I did, I bounced a check, I think it was for like $16... ended up costing me nearly $500 before I could get it all straightened out. It was a nightmare! I closed the account and didn't use a bank for years for anything.

Since I won't be spending out of this account, with the exception of a few dollars here and there for the supplies to personalize the gifts, which actually, I bought part of today out of my pocket, because I was impatient and found some great really pretty ribbon dirt cheap and some other things on sale too. And I opened the account, which now has $60 in it.

Yeah, I know, not a big balance, but hopefully it will grow, and soon :)

And I've been to Paypal and entered all the stuff for them to verify the account, so I'll soon be able to accept all forms of payment and donations.

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  1. hahaha! "witch"

    hahahaha, I can't friggin spell