Friday, August 26, 2005

Official Visitor?

So Scott mowed the jungle we call "yard" yesterday. We live on one of 2 main highways through town, so mowing is necessarily preceded by clean-up of garbage that people carelessly throw out their windows as they pass the house - and of course, clean-up of the mess the neighbor's dog drags into my yard from their garbage can, or ours or, well, someone's anyway.

Clean-up yesterday brought us a treasure - a county beer and wine license! yay we can sell beer and wine legally now! Or, well, we could, if we were the Monroe Jaycees. Of course, we aren't. What we are is nice enough to find who was president and find his email in their listing and email him to let him know we'd found it.

I mean, otherwise they'd have to re-do all the paperwork and repay the fees or some such thing, and I wouldn't wish county-style red-tape on anyone.

Anyway, he, or one of his representatives will be stopping by to pick it up later. I don't think I've ever had a city official over to the house before - hell I'm not even sure he IS a city official. Should I be nervous? I'm not, but I can be if it would be more proper...

To be honest, in a charitable selfish sort of way, I'm thinking this man might be a great man to befriend for a contact for the Poetic Acceptance charity? If for no other reason than to let me know where the fat pocketbooks in town are - isn't the Jaycees a charity type organization?

Shit,if I'd have slept more than one hour in the last 36 I might know the answer to that question.

Speaking of the charity - I got my first shipment of actual merchandise today, which made it feel all that much more solid, no longer an empty promise I'd paid lip-service to for the last 4 years. I also got a bit more support in the way of discounts on items at various online stores. Now if only there were money in my pocket with which to make use of said discounts!

Patience Erin, patience!


  1. You'll have to tell us what you actually did once he showed up. But, yes, that could be quite an opportunity!

  2. i believe the jaycees are kinda like Rotary - community oriented business. not a bad thing to have on your side!

    by the way, the site is beautiful and you are linked from my blog, anyway.

    I haven't been to MTC lately, have you talked to JvN about linking from there?

  3. Anonymous2:04 AM

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  4. In time, in time, my friend, the pieces will come together. ~ James

  5. V~
    He didn't. I have a feeling he'll be here today though. I'll let you know.

    Jaycees = Junior Chamber (of commerce) It's a non-profit org. designed to promote business in the community, or some such thing.

    Promise? I SO want the pieces to come together and the universe to shift and this charity make huge differences in people's lives...

  6. so very cool that you are making the site, E. I know it has been a long time in coming, but, well, you are E, with all the boundless energy that entails, so of course you can make it all come together, while raising 6 kids and a husband and oodles of pets, oh, and teaching people that whole poetry thing. :)

  7. Erin,

    The Jaycees, volunteers, take on projects to help others and benefit the community. They may well be interested in yours.

    I was a member and enjoyed both the helping and the people I worked with in that capacity.

  8. Ginger,
    I did some research on the Jaycees to see what they were all about last night, and yeah, I'm hoping that when he comes I'll have a chance to talk o him about the site :)

    I think sometimes, when you're doing the right thing, good things (and people) fall into your lap. How often do you find a beer and wine license in your yard, and what kind of coincidence is it that it belonged to the Jaycees? I think this is definitely an indication that I'm doing the right thing.