Tuesday, August 2, 2005

"Publish" Post

Seems I'm in draft mode. I've taken to using blogger as my word processor - starting a piece doing all my revision work, leaving it as a draft to simmer a while and coming back later for a 2nd or 3rd look before I post. I find myself copy and pasting into word from here rather than the opposite. Unfortunately, lately, everything is just sitting there, saved as a draft, unfinished. Some of them are just brainstorming sessions, a strange collection of thoughts, ideas, single words, phrases... I just can't finish anything. I am suffering a sad lack of motivation.

The worst part is that it's not just my poetry suffering from this deficiency. My housework is half done, my marketing has sort of crawled into the corner, I have paperwork, doctors appointments, laundry, and baby preparation that I need to do, but, well, I'm not doing them, you know?

I'll do them tomorrow, I'll do them tomorrow - but instead I start another poem I don't finish. Or take a nap - I finish those up pretty well.

I DID manage to accomplish two more submissions, one of which was to Melic Review - they're shutting down! Can you believe that? heh. Anyway, I've never submitted to them before, but somehow I couldn't resist doing so for their final issue due out in December. And I submitted to TMP Irregular - I skipped a few issues in between since my last submission. I actually finished submitting to both places too! But then, how hard is it to copy/paste/send?

Lately I just feel overwhelmed, anything that requires more than 15 minutes of time and effort is just more than I can handle. It isn't helping any that I can't sleep worth shit lately - getting to sleep earlier than 3am is unheard of lately. And GOD am I hungry! You know how you "want something" and go on the refrigerator raid? Well, I want something, and can't figure out what it is - but I've pretty successfully eaten everything in the house trying.

2:26am ... Let's see if I can sleep...


  1. I need to start submitting again. THanks for the inspiration.

  2. I know how you feel, E. Well, obviously not with regard to the baby stuff, but the lack of motivation. I haven't even blogged lately because it seems like a chore. *sigh* It's my friggin day off today and know what I've been up to? 8 hours of website editing for my mother, because I promised. I am calling it a day though and going to lie down and read Harry Potter. Hope you're OK. Love and smooches.

  3. Patry yes yes yes you should submit!

    (you too Erin!)

    yeah I'm in the doldrums of summer I guess - "Blah" describes my overall mood, but I'm ok.

  4. This heat wave doesn't help. I have only had one or two mornings where I left the house with a dry head. The other mornings, my hair rests heavily on the back of my neck in a pool of sweat. It isn't easy to get motivated when you're wilted before you even get started!

  5. exactly V - it's just yucky hot :|

  6. "The worst part is that it's not just my poetry suffering from this deficiency."

    I hate it when writing confusion affects general effectiveness. *Sigh.*

    Good luck with the submissions. I need to go and do likewise.

  7. I finally got my draft function working again. All the drafts were there but I had it set where I couldn't see them. Some guy from Blogger finally got sick of my pleas for help and fixed it for me. Duh. Thanks for responding to me on that - I needed to hear from another Blogger user!

  8. Ariel~ Good luck with your submissions as well!

    Laurie, I'm so glad you figured it out and got it fixed, everytime I hit "draft" I wondered why yours wouldn't work!