Saturday, August 27, 2005


There are certain drawbacks to being bi-sexual, married, pregnant, and having your uber-religious mother live with you - I'll let you all, in your various states of mind, figure out the obvious.


In other news, which would of course be, in my presently obsessive mode, Poetic Acceptance news - I'm feeling like things are at a stand still for the moment. The paypal account is still basically useless for donations until it's verified, which will be September 1st. The last batch of emails I sent out to various possible donors have gone unanswered, or with no's or semi-yeses.

Until I get some traffic, I'll have no buyers at the store, meaning no gifts to be personalized. Until I have buyers, and/or donors, I can't afford to register as a legal non-profit organization, let alone help anyone.

I'm ready to start doing this - but then I've always said my biggest downfall was that I'm short on patience!

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