Tuesday, August 30, 2005


I never realized how many little details and complications there would be to making this charity idea work!

Or how slow progress would be after the first flurry of activity - or - believe it or not - how competitive other places who are involved in similar endeavors would be! I've getten some really, let's kindly say, "unfriendly" letters from other grief support sites that I've contacted. OK, let's just call a horse a horse, some of them have been downright nasty, like I'm competition. I'm not trying to compete for anything. I just want to help people.

Link trades seem to be worth blood, sharing resources is apparently a no-no... I don't get it. I mean, I've found some great people, especially vendors who are more than happy to help out with donations and/or discounts... and I've found a lot of really helpful useful stuff on the web to use for this project... and I'd be willing to share 100% of it with anyone who was looking to acheive the same goal as I am.

I'm not understanding the hostility!


  1. I think this goes back to the "People Suck" mentality. Some people really do.

    I can't imagine why any grief support site wouldn't want to share resources, unless maybe they're afraid that their resources might become limited if they shared them. I mean, seriously, what else could they possibly stand to lose?

  2. What Angie said would have been my response. Maybe people are territorial. They want to be THE site that does this good thing and you can't encroach on that privilege. It makes no sense to me, but I wouldn't doubt it either. Keep plugging away. Persistence will win the day. (sorry about the rhyme...lol)

  3. I know several people who all run nonprofit NO KILL PET SHELTERS for dogs and cats. These are all local shelters that also compete with our county shelter which is also NO KILL. These people all hate each other. I hear them lie about each other all the time but I keep it to myself what they actually say. (They're all my boss's customers) It turns out there is competition for grant money and corporate funding and rather than combining services these people fight amongst themselves for money and pride and are worse than for-profit companies when it comes to supporting each other.

    Good luck.

  4. Sheesh, maybe I'm too nice for charity work?
    It's ok, They can be nasty if they need to be that way - I personally can't imagine being a total bitch while doing charity work in my daughter's name.

    It's a disgusting thought that these people CAN do that.