Monday, August 22, 2005

Morning Thoughts

8:11 am - I woke to the obnoxious sound of an infomercial. (Yep, I fell asleep with the TV on, I always do.) Guess what the latest new and improved piece of fitness equipment is? A little trampoline!? Haven't they been around for ages? I was 3/4 of the way asleep and still figured that one out... are people really that gullible?

I never noticed it before but, Kevin Richardson from the Backstreet Boys is cute - in that fake bad boy (yes, BOY) sort of way. And apparently he's ecologically friendly, in more ways that one! Not only will he degrade over time - as his career has already proven, he has a public service announcement about the preservation of marine animals. I wonder if he's smart enough to figure out that caring about fish, and peeking around that tree in the commercial really kills the bad boy image?

And last but not least in my "oh-god-it's-morning-already!?" thoughts - if I weren't so pessimistic and mistrusting, I'd buy a "Slendertone Flex" to use in the search for my abs after this baby is born! I mean Jerry Rice swears by it!

(My favorite quote from the infomercial is "It's intense in an "I don't have to participate kind of way!" How's that for summing up the American mind-set?)


  1. "I don't have to participate kind of way!"????? What happened to "no pain, no gain?" Sheesh!!!

  2. Yeah, it was pretty hysterical. It's one of those electrical impulse belt doohickies, and she' standing there, mildly unfit, but not fat by any means - and they strap it on her and her abs start contracting. And that was her reaction.