Thursday, September 1, 2005


Yesterday I posted that my blog comes up #1 on an MSN search for Erin Angel... I lied, I come up #1 ON THE SECOND PAGE - the real Erin Angel #1 result is a porn site - so don't click it and then get mad at me for sending you to a porn site ok? I warned you!!

MTC Stuff:
V won a trip to Jamaica! I'm jealous as hell, but I also think it's super cool.
D and L moved their wedding up to this October. That means I won't get to go, but I'm sure they'll survive without me.
J called me on the phone last night - there are few phone calls that tickle me as much as one from him. They don't happen often and besides, he's been through so much lately, it was good to hear his voice and know that he's OK.
And we won't even get into the improvements on the site!

PAfgp Stuff:
Spreadsheets suck - I've done 2 today - ugh. But they'll be very helpful as Poetic Acceptance grows. It isn't that they're difficult, I just hate filling in all the little slots with all the right information. It's hard to concentrate long enough to get everything in the right slot hen you're alternating between that and a Maisy DVD, a baby dance CD and coloring!
I got more excellent news in my inbox today - another donation of store merchandise. I am amazed every time I get one of those emails - it just continues to make me feel better and better about people in general, and more and more encouraged about making this charity fund work.

I'm planning on doing an ezine of sorts of poetry by/for bereaved parents. If I find that there are enough submissions of quality work, and can get my hands on an interested publisher, I intend to publish an anthology. I haven't actually GOT an ISBN# for it yet, as it may not pan out, but I can get one easily and inexpensively whenever the need arises - meaning it can be sold at any and all bookstores and quite possibly be a major source of income for the charity fund. If you're interested as a writer, a consultant or as a publisher - email me!

Poetry Stuff
Ugh! I have about 5 poems in draft form that I can't stop long enough to work on! So many things are inspiring me lately, but my brain won't hold still long enough to truly grasp them and write/edit a poem.


  1. I thanked you on my blog for posting my news before I did. I know you're excited for Let me know if you need help in creating any of those spreadsheets!

  2. You mean that's not you on that porn site?! Damn... :)

    I can't believe that Vickie won the trip. I've never been big on all those "Be the 15th caller" type of things on the radio, figuring most of them were a farce, but kudos to her!

    I didn't know that D & Laura had moved up their wedding. Jeez, I'm feeling pretty left out. Good thing I have you to catch me up on stuff.

    Of course, I can only blame myself. I tend to sort of fade out from time to time.

    The ezine/anthology sounds great, but be prepared for some poorly written stuff to come flooding in. Grief seems to turn everyone into a writer, and most of the stuff that gets written is so close to people's hearts that editing/revising it is impossible for them. Just my own observation. I know my own grief stuff absolutely sucks, and a lot of what I've read does, too. I think you're one of the few that I've ever read that does the subject any justice.

    Anyway, time to get the munchkin to bed.

    Night, E.

  3. lol V, sorry, I was all excited for you!

    I expect to get some lousy stuff and have to sift through it and most likely turn some people down. It'll be a touchy situation I'm sure, but to be honest, it'll be geared toward the grieving parents group, not so much the poetry circle, so the level of quality won't be quite the same - I'll be looking for "evocative" more than anything else... what I dread is the rhymes.

  4. ah, well, I suppose you're forgiven... If I didn't want it broadcasted, I would have let you find out the same way everyone else does.

  5. The store seems to be coming together nicely. You are good!

  6. Ugh... the rhymes... it's sort of like the shingles, only more painful.

  7. V~ I have been absolutely amazed at the response I've gotten in the way of donations and discounts. I'm expecting 3 donated shipments as we speak, and one that I ordered at a HUGE discount. Plus, at least one cash donation, which in truth, is what I need right now.

    I don't use this word often, but I've been blessed.

    Ang~ The concept of the amount of rhyme that I KNOW I'll soon be receiving simply terrifies me.

  8. Yeah, but I'm developing a new respect for rhyme. That damned Sonnet I wrote was harder than anything else I've done. Plus, Billy is converting me I think. His stuff is so perfect for kids. I just finished his online romance novel. I loved it!

  9. Billy does write good kids' poetry, but there isn't enough money in the world to revert me to rhyme!

    I'll stick to what I do, and for those who can do rhyme well, I applaud! I am just not one of them!