Friday, September 2, 2005

ISBN for poetry my Anthology!

I was just GIVEN, free of charge, one ISBN number with bar code. How can I possibly NOT do the anthology now!?

The sad thing is, I have no clue what I'm doing, do I find a publisher and negotiate a contract first, or collect poetry submissions first!? Christ. What am I doing trying to do this when I don't even have traffic to my site yet!?


Someone who has a clue please come read my blog and leave instructions eh?


  1. So, how did you manage that? You are one amazing woman, ma'am.

  2. I asked :)

    Sometimes it's that easy! This project is just bringing out the best in everyone I approach!

  3. Yeah, for the right cause, most of us can find it in our hearts to be good people. Wouldn't it be grand if this is how we were all the time?

  4. dNot that I know for sure, but I'd say you'd need enough submissions to take to a publisher as a proposal, so they can assess its marketability. Although, in the interests of maximising revenue to PA, since you have a marketing outlet and an ISBN, you might want to think of looking for a printer and self-publishing?