Monday, September 5, 2005

Tarheel Tavern Announcement

There seem to be some errors going through when using the signup box on the THT blog - looks like his code went haywire. The box here seems to work fine, but if you have any doubt as to whether it went through or not here's the secret - when you sign up, it sends you an email asking you to confirm your subscription. If you don't get that email, you haven't been added.

And when you DO get that email, don't forget to confirm that you want to subscribe, or it won't add you to the list

This is an email you SHOULD have gotten if you're a part of the Tarheel Tavern blog carnival ring:
First, my apologies to anyone who receives this email who has asked to be removed from our list - bear with me one last time, and I promise this will be the last mass mailing you'll receive concerning the Tarheel Tavern blog carnival.

Recently it seems we've run into some problems with the Tarheel Tavern email address list - we've had unwanted drops of people who didn't want to be dropped, and we've had people who have asked to be dropped who keep getting re-added. My solution is a newsletter. I added one to my new site, and realized how well it might work out for the THT. When I contacted Bora he agreed, and I set up an account for us. Here's how it all works:

If you want to be included in the weekly THT carnival, please go to the very bottom of the right column (or visit the Tarheel Tavern blog) and sign up for the newsletter via the signup box.

If you want to be excluded, do NOTHING, and you won't receive any more mail RE: the Tarheel Tavern.

This gives joiners the option to opt-out if they so choose at a future date without any confusion, without any accidental drops, and without any unwanted additions.

From this point forward, the weekly host will be given the login name and password to log in to the newsetter and send out any announcements about where the carnival will be held, and what that week's theme will be. The carnival itself will still be held on the blog of the volunteer host.

By the way folks, we still need a volunteer host for this week! hint hint!

However, when I sent out the emails, many came back undeliverable because of defunct email addresses on my list, so I'm unsure how many people on the list actually received the notification. So if you're a carolina blogger, please pass this info along to all the other carolina bloggers you speak with regularly, and hopefully we'll get the word out in time for this weeks THT.

And for the record, I think this happened none too soon, you should see the lovely email I just got from someone who'd asked to be dropped from the list. I hope he doesn't kiss his mama with that mouth!

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  1. Thanks for a much needed service, Erin! You are really on the ball.

    Email and tell me who the ugly one was. I want to avoid him/her/it. It's not cool to be nasty to preggo ladies.