Saturday, September 3, 2005

Pissed Right Off

Remember the other day when we had this discussion about the level of competition I was running into, and the level of hostility that I wasn't understanding? Right now, all of a sudden, I understand it, and I feel it, and thank you god that I can't hack anything or I truly believe that I'd be hacking someone's server to shreds and making the recent EZBoard thing look like kid's stuff!!! I am SO FREAKING MAD right now - I cannot even begin to describe HOW mad!

When I first really got serious about building Poetic Acceptance for grieving parents, I took a wide sweep across the internet to get an idea of what other sites had that I should include or what they had that didn't seem all that helpful - or to see what they DIDN'T have that I should add to mine... an idea gathering mission.
So anyway, there's one, well, two actually - run by husband and wife, each site from the perspective of the opposite gender. I thought this was really a great idea, there are just as many men who've lost kids as there are women, but far less available help for them, so the male point of view thing was a great idea.

Anyway, I'm babbling cuz I'm pissed off. These 2 sites have been around for years, I liked them, I contacted the woman, told her I thought it was a cool thing. She emails me back, asks for poetry, asks if I want to trade links, then never adds my link, or my poetry, and suddenly stops replying to my email. Well, whatever, you know? But tonight I go back to these two sites and one is under construction... being changed over to the format, exactly, as mine! Different colors, but EXACTLY the same boxes and tables and layout. I'm SO FUCKING MAD! I busted ass for 2 weeks getting the site together, and he just swipes my damn code and runs with it.

Now, if I find my god-blessed poems there without a credit, god help them! Until then, I will try to cram the whole "imitation is the highest form of flattery" (or however it goes because I can't think right now) cliche down my own throat and shut up.

But Oh My GOD I'm am so mad!


  1. PEOPLE SUCK!!!!! Seems especially losery to rip the layout from a friggen bereavement site. I mean, seriously!! Is NOTHING sacred?

  2. Hey, just had a thought... Might you want to tweak your design again only this time add some "no right click" so dippy and his wife can't rip your code? I am more than happy to help.

  3. And I meant "no right click" script. Not awake yet. Sorry. Also sorry for flooding the comments.

  4. lol the first thing I did when I saw the new layout over there was go look up the no-right-click code, but I figured the damage was already done, so there isn't a lot of point. I'll probably add it anyway to stop other people from ripping me off, but there isn't much to be done about dippy and his wife :|

  5. Could you email me their link (rather than do them the courtesy of posting it here) so I can go look? Angry curiosity, what can I tell you?

  6. sent, with a rambling rant that is of little consequence and makes no sense most likely... grrr.

  7. Actually, though, you wouldn't have been ripped off if the stuff wasn't good to begin with. I would add the "no right click" code. I think I know how you feel; I was plagiarized once.

  8. That's exactly how I feel, like I've been plagiarized! And the guy didn't steal any content... is there such a thing as HTML plagiarization?


    All I can do is keep doing what I'm doing. If other people feel the need to steal from me rather than throwing their hearts into their cause like I have mine, then all I can say is that they obviously aren't as dedicated as I am to what they're doing.

    I believe in what I'm doing and its potential to do good things for good people. It's well worth busting my ass for, and I'll continue to do so.

    That guy can just kiss my ass is all I'm saying.

  9. PLUS~

    There's just something morally wrong with a person that will steal in their child's name. Particularly a dead child.

    He's a scumbag