Tuesday, September 20, 2005

Puppy Dog Eyes

So, no more emails from the crazy one, which was nice. Neither of my anticipated packages arrived, which was sort of crappy. I was rejected by Triplopia, but nicely, which is better than being rejected with a form letter. I've got a poem in the works - it's being a stubborn bitch, but that's ok too. And I finally got rid of that damned search bar!

If you ever get that thing, good luck, it grows roots. It requires manual removal - in safe mode, deleting registry keys (which always makes me nervous) and the loss of copious amounts of hair, to be rid of it. I am now a balding nervous wreck, but I no longer have the AZESearchbar.

I made chili for dinner and gorged myself, felt really icky for a while. I hate that over-stuffed feeling. It was like friggin Thanksgiving, you know that feeling? The one ya get when you eat entirely too much, and go back for seconds on Pumpkin Pie knowing you'll wish for death afterwards? Yeah that one. Ick. Damn cravings! And I only had ONE plate full - there just isn't a lot of room left with my guts all full of baby I guess.

13 weeks to D-day... Which for those of you who haven't started freaking out yet, that means something like 14 or 15 till Christmas. I'm freaked out about both thanks. Anyone want to give me a grand or so to do baby shopping AND Christmas shopping? Yeah yeah, I need a webcam if I'm going to try the puppy-dog pitiful eyes on the internet.

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  1. Erin,
    If you have a boy in the works, I have a literal truckload of stuff I could send you.

  2. Well Ang, we won't let the doc tell us, and everyone else is in denial and swears it's a girl, but I'm betting on it being a boy., and I will absolutely take you up on that offer once I prove them wrong ;)

  3. I slefishly hope that it IS a boy. I've been dying to get rid of some of this stuff. Jonas's room, and the shed are both overflowing! We'll call it fall-cleaning. :)

  4. I haven't gotten any packages either, so there... We can both be grumpy together.

  5. I'm still grumpy! I still don't have the DVDs of LOST!