Thursday, September 8, 2005

A Rant Against Ignorants and Ingrates

I think there are people who deserve much more blame than Bush does when it comes to NOLA, and I hate George Bush - How about the Mayor and the Governor, who didn't bus the homeless or car-less people out when they could have? Who turned the Aid away when it was offered, told Bush to give them a few days to "think about it" How about the fact that the media was in New Orleans, Wal-Mart was delivering supplies to New Orleans BEFORE the Red Cross and Salvation Army were allowed into the city by city and state officials?

Hell, even a lot of the people themselves, who remained by choice, or stayed in there homes rather than going to a shelter?! How smart is it to stay in a house with an assload of kids in a low lying area when there are shelters (10 shelters I believe) made available on higher ground?

And I hate that a human tragedy and ecological fiasco has become a political platform and a race war!
The only political figure who has spoken the truth yet is Barbara Bush who said something to the effect of "There were so many homeless people in NOLA that are now in shelters with free food water and shelter ... and many of them are better off now than before." (AND they don't appreciate it, a good percentage of the refugees that were flown into Charlotte were homeless people, who have since walked away from the shelter here to become homeless in Charlotte, YAY Charlotte!)

Unfortunately, the media and society will crucify her for being blunt and honest and saying out loud what so many are thinking.

I'm just so exasperated by the way things have been misconstrued and the way people have turned the tables away from the true issues at hand... As far as I'm concerned, we should be helping the people who WANT the help and APPRECIATE it. Screw the dumbasses that are still there, refusing help or transport and whining about it. Idiots.

Did you know that they went to pass out vouchers for these people worth 2000 bucks in the Astrodome, and the people stormed the table, assaulted the people giving out the vouchers and there ended up basically being a riot and shit - goddamn lockdown in the Astrodome because they were trying to offer these (previously homeless and penniless) people money to start over.


YES there are culpable parties within the political ranks from the bottom to the top, YES this was poorly planned for and even more poorly executed, YES things SHOULD have been done differently, by pretty much everyone, but god damn people, what's more important right now? Saving people, making homes for people, or pointing fingers? Point fingers at election time. What counts, BEING right, or MAKING things right?.

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  1. Most definitely what's more important is making things right; that's a given. But I still think you are looking through a very narrow window when you say some of these things. I probably should not be so bold, but, because I hold you in such high respect, I have to. Do you have good points? Yes. Do they apply across the board? No. Are they dumbasses for staying? Yes. Is making a racial issue out of something that, at least on the surface, is not? Most defiantly not comes to mind. But-are their actions under very stressful circumstances wrong? There is no right or wrong answer to this question unless we travel the same roads, live their lives. Or perhaps, there’s something that I’m overlooking, in which case, I’m game for friendly debate. Or, tell me to shut the hell up, and I will do that as well. Live. Love, be free. The James