Monday, September 12, 2005

The Moment Before

This guy [link] is about to go to prison for an act he doesn't recall. 14-20 months for a crime committed while intoxicated and heartbroken and absolutely not thinking clearly.

I won't make excuses for what he did, but I will say he desn't seem like the type of guy who deserves prison. There's a lot to be read in his posts, both on the surface and between the lines. His post from earlier today Car wreck, abandonment, and 9/11 [link] was particularly striking to me. He discusses, among other things, the moment before impact during a car wreck - and you can't miss the metaphor.

I don't know the guy - but in some ways I can empathize, my husband went to prison a few years back for something he did while heartbroken and obviously not thinking clearly... and yeah, it's all about that moment before...

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  1. Wow, poor guy. He seems to be taking it very well though. I followed one link to another and found that he went and apologized to the officer.

  2. yeah, I'm impressed with his attitude about it. I'd be raving lunatic, raising hell or making excuses, or, I dunno, cryin' for my mama or something.

  3. I hurt for this guy every time I read his posts - I can't figure out if it's for him, or memories of when Scott went, knowing this is how he felt - or a mixture...