Monday, September 19, 2005


I was just rejected by Triplopia ezine. I'm inordinately disappointed. They did, however, mention one poem specifically - said they were "most taken by it" and encouraged me to resubmit next reading period.

Next theme: memory.

Perfect. Seriously, I love it. Very "me" I think.

I don't know which hurts worse, the impersonal type of rejections that make you wonder if they read your work at all, or gave a damn about it - or the type that make you feel like they held on to one piece for a while because they liked it, but found something else they liked better. That little thread of hope that was snipped by someone else's superior word choice. It's sort of dismissal vs. replacement.

Why am I obsessing over this when I've been rejected 100 times before with no such ill effects!?
Sheesh, shut up Erin.

I'm looking forward to submitting to them again regardless. A little less than a month before I can, but I rarely submit immediately, because I start to get impatient and antsy waiting for the judging period to start!

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  1. I think it's cool that they actually gave you some feedback... perhaps they had better things to fit the niche they're looking and that would work better in the next batch? who knows?

    I think you'll rock the memory theme. :)

  2. OH I definitely appreciated the fact that they were "taken by it" enough to comment on it - but it also inspired that gnawing thought about, "Well, who bumped me out? what did they have that I didn't?" sort of thing, you know?

  3. I just went and looked at my rejection, nada. Consider yourself privileged.

  4. lol, yeah, priviledged. Let's not forget that I WAS rejected lol.

  5. I am envious that you have time to submit 100 pieces. I am trying to make time to submit, but it is SOOOO much easier just to hit post on the blog (and guaranteed to get some reaction from somewhere).

    Good luck, and keep your chin up. Your work is terrific; someday, more people in the publishing world will realize it, too!

  6. lol I dunno about 100 pieces, but I try to keep something submitted somewhere all the time, otherwise, I tend to drift away from doing it at all.

    Now what is this blogging for books thing? Looks like fun!

  7. Indeed. It may sound pessimistic, but often when I submit things I simply expect the rejection letter. When something gets accepted, I'm shocked! You've got the right idea -- don't give up!