Saturday, September 3, 2005



I am a naturally impatient person, have I said that already? I have no patience whatsoever. So now I have an ISBN, this means that I'll be self-publishing because a publisher already owns ISBNs and has a particular series of numbers that denotes that this book comes from this publisher. So this is not only a whole new situation to learn how to do, it's a slower operation because of my need to learn, and I don't have the first poem yet, which I need to start putting out calls for submissions - but I hesitate to do that until I'm sure of what I'm doing... I feel like I'm chasing my own tail, in slow motion! I'm ready to DO this dag nab it!

OK -
self publication with an ISBN is totally doable, a much more respectable idea than it used to be - and with the ISBN/barcode it can still be listed with Barnes and Noble and Amazon and any other bookstore I care to market to/through. It also means that I control price, and that I have more control over artistic issues, and that my cut of profit is higher.

Unfortunately it also means initial outlay of much cash to do this on the scale we're talking about here, and cash is a limited resource around my place - very limited.
It also means that I'm back down to self-marketing and there's a real problem there if my chapbook is any indication.

Looks like I better get busy soliciting CASH donations - getting traffic to the site so I have poetry to work with and revenue to the charity to fund this project, and ... sheesh, so much to do, and so many obstacles!
Guess I'm off to do some serious research on what I'm getting myself into!

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