Monday, September 19, 2005


This one could have been mine.

I hate that my childhood indoctrination still holds such power over me.

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  1. I thought that more than once when I was a kid: it would be quite in the country side, and no one was around. I figured I was just too bad.

  2. I read postsecret last night, before this was posted, and I have to admit that I stopped and wondered if maybe you had sent that one in. :)

  3. Ang~
    I didn't, but it seriously could have been mine. I remember one time about 6 years ago, All the kids were at school, it was just me and Brendon and he was about 2. He was taking his nap, and I went in to check on him and he was gone and I went running around the house trying to find him - and my crazy ass mind didn't think "someone's kidnapped him" or "he's managed to get outseide by himself!" No no no, I was seriosuly thinking I'd been left behind by the second coming and no one had bothered to make enough noise to even alert my attention.

    I found him, obviously - in the bathroom, with a toy boat in the toilet lmao.