Tuesday, September 27, 2005

Maisy! God help me.

Tuesday morning: 4:38 a.m. and Terra the terrible decides it's time to rise and shine. Time, in fact, to begin the torturous day-long Maisy marathon. If you are one of those people who doesn't have children, who doesn't recognize the name "Maisy" then count your blessings. We however, are intimately familiar with said mouse, and having given in to the addiction of 2yr old with the purchase of "Good Morning Maisy" - a 2 1/2 hour DVD - have had the joy of watching nothing but Maisy for about a month.
Maisy is a cartoon mouse, a very 2 dimensional mouse, who lives alone and has a handful of 2D friends - Eddie the Elephant, Charlie the Crocodile, Cyril the Squirrel and Tullulah the Duck, oh, and Little Black Cat (an appropriate name, since Maisy the Mouse is larger than said cat - but then, she's just about the same size as the crocodile too...) They talk, sort of, in unintelligable, nerve searing noises and were obviously designed specifically to expedite the onset of my insanity. Today might just be the day I give in to it.


  1. Maisy, Maisy, Maisy Maisy Maisy. Maisy, Maisy, Maisy Maisy Mouse!


    The only one that annoys me more is Miffy. Do you think they're created by the same people?

    Heh, Jonas was on a Boohbah phase for a while. I've learned to get him down for a nap just before they come on.

    Another terrible one, if you have Disney, is THe Doodlebops. Oh my god! I can't take that much cheese in the morning!

    Hope Terra the terrible is giving you a bit of a break. Jonas is in full-swing! Good-morning, E!

  2. Argh The Doodlebops! I despise them and their strange bulbous fingertips and pasty complexions! Not to mention the cheesiness, bad acting, and wtf is up with that cat!? Of the whole cast, Bob seems to be the only one that approaches normalcy!

    We had a brief Boobah period, but they aren't on her channel of choice so we don't run into them often anymore, thank you god!

    But for the time being, Dora and Maisy are all we get to watch, one Maisy DVD and one VHS of Dora episodes I recorded when they did a marathon recently.

    Whatcha think of Diego? I think it's great they finally gave the Dora addicted little boys a male icon, so that they too can pester Mom and Dad for the Diego shoes/shirts/toys/etc...

    Ahh, the joys of motherhood and marketing ploys!

  3. Jamie just started Kindergarten (full day)so I finally get to go without hearing all those shows!!!!! Whoo hoo!!!

    He used to love Maisy and Dora and Boobahs (which I think are very strange),etc.... and that's all I heard all day.

    Thank goodness they are gone!

  4. My absolute favorite kids show has to be Bear in the Big Blue House. He was wonderful! Of course, they don't run the show anymore, but I have a virtual library of Bear videos from Steven.

    I haven't watched Diego yet. This is my first week as a part-time employee/full-timne mommy again, so I'm still exploring the new choices. I'm a fan of Jack's big music show. Jonas loves music of all kinds, so he'll actually sit still and watch this one.

    Hmm... I wonder how many people out there are reading this and assuming that we're a bunch of slacker parents that leave the tv on all day and park our kids in front of them?

    Right now J-man is rearranging the livingroom furniture a-la-BamBam! Good lord is he strong!

    His playpen is now in the hall and the rocking chair is behind the couch!

  5. Bear still airs here, but she doesn't care for it so we don't watch it lol, my life is ruled by a 2 yr old!

    I WISH I could park Terra anywhere, ever, and have her stay! She uses TV more like background music to the daily detruction of my livingroom. What she actually spends most of her day doing is drawing, or rather, making me draw.

    Here Mama make Dora, here Mama make Boots. . .