Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Zero Tolerance

This is absurd:
First-Grader Suspended Over Plastic Squirt Gun

Zero Tolerance in action. Nitwits.

Just in case you agree with me, you can contact the idiot principal at

Milton Moore Elementary
4510 Linwood
Kansas City, MO 64128
Jackson County
Phone: (816) 418-6825


  1. Unmitigated bullshit! And if MO is anything like MI, state laws are in place that protect the schools from having to be accountable for this kind of wrongful suspension. Ugh!

    But I like your new layout.

  2. Wow! This is just a few blocks from our house. Wierd I heard about it here.
    It should be obvious from the language that "zero tolerance" cannot work for kids.
    We all deserve a little tolerance.

  3. Wow! Michael hit the nail on the head. Zero tolerance for six year olds? Why not sue the toy manufacturer? Keeping a kid out of school is assinine. If anything, he should have MORE school.
    Look at that little face.
    One of two things happened.
    His parents let him take it, not thinking it was a big deal, so give them a lecture and move on.
    He snuck it into his backpack without his parents knowing.
    Jack keeps trying to take his Legos to school.
    I hope to holy heck he doesn't configure one to look like a gun!
    I mean, JEEPERS! The kids are going as pirates for Halloween, and I'm having the darnedest time finding the Cap'n Jack Sparrow gun. The swords are everywhere.

    Sorry. This is ridiculous. I'd be mortified if I got a call saying Jack was suspended for bringing a squirt gun to school, and it could so easily happen. We have them all over this house.

  4. pettifogging. no doubt. I will release a lyrical thrashing upon him. He'll just love it. Or she.


    that's a f***ing funny word.

    Applicable though.

    ~ Sir James

  5. I live about 30 minutes from Kansas City, MO. I'm so embarrased by it. It has been all over the local news. It's ridiculous. They are actually suspending the child for ten days.