Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Thank you Rich

Just when things seem like they're going well, something happens to screw things up. Seems Scott's computer has contracted the Amish Virus and won't boot up.

Thanks Rich.


  1. Uh oh. Something new going around? Do you guys have all sorts of anti-virus protection and this stuff gets through anyway? Makes me nervous, 'cause I never catch anything with Norton. Maybe once or twice in my entire history of being online. *knock on wood* It seems weird to me that everyone I know gets viruses and I don't. Maybe I do and somehow I just don't know. Eeeeeek!

  2. To everyone that reads this:

    You now have the Amish computer virus. Since we don't have electricity or computers, you are on the honor system. Please delete all your files.

    Thank Thee

    Laugh a little and have a great day!!!

  3. Scotty9:26 AM

    You see you amish are so lame even your jokes suck :))