Thursday, September 28, 2006

Play Date #1

OK, I'm a hermit. I never go anywhere. This means that Terra, at 3, has very little experience with other children her age/size. I was a little worried about whose ass she'd kick at the park today. She surprised me, and was an angel. She slid and swung and ran and jumped and rode the little airplane and blew bubbles and drew pictures with sidewalk chalk and played amazingly well with all the kids, regardless of age, and there were MANY there that were younger and smaller. She was so well behaved and so polite and really good at taking turns and not being pushy. It was amazing! (If only she'd be so well behaved at home!) I met Lord knows how many other moms from the group (whose names I will never remember!) The weather was perfect, and MAN did Terra sleep when we got home!

I think this should pretty much be a daily thing.

Truth is, I'm not normally the 'mommy group' type. I have never belonged to such a thing, online or off, I've never been to an event where a bunch of strangers got together just so their kids could play together. I was not only worried that Terra would be that kid, I was also worried about my reaction if some other kid decided to be that kid and pick on Terra. But you know, I was just as worried that we'd get there and they'd peg me for the geek I am.

We had such a good time, the other moms were great, the kid were alllll so good. And, well, damn it I feel old and domesticated and whatever, but I really enjoyed it and I can't wait till the next one!


  1. You're silly.

    Do whatever makes you feel good.

    I swear you worry about shit WAY too much. But's that's yours. I'm just happy to be apart, even in the smallest way, of Erin.

    Live with the purpose to love.

    ~ James

  2. Ha! I do this pretty often. Today I took my 4-yr-old grandson to Burger King for a change. He ordered some chicken nuggets and a root beer. He dipped each chicken nugget into his drink before he ate it, and told me he was having a "chicken float!"

    I wish you many more happy days like this one.

  3. Hooray for finding a good group! I'm so glad that Terra enjoyed the other kid's company, too. J is still really shy around other kids, and does poorly in groups. It's just too much for him to process, and so he cries, hides behind me, runs away, or turns nasty. I've stopped trying, and simply allow him to be that kid that is on the periphery of everything. He seems to like it there, and when the time is right, he'll find his place among the group.

    Maybe Terra could share some pointers on how to play well with others?

    Seriously- hooray for you on getting out and doing stuff. It's good for both of you.