Wednesday, September 20, 2006

more pics

This is Team Nova and Team CVRU together. This picture is going into Nova's memory book, because these are the women (the guys weren't able to come) who made sure we felt comfortable in the knowledge that Nova was well taken care of and loved while we weren't there with him.

This is another shot of Kim and Jacob. He has the most beautiful big smile

This is -well, it's pretty self explanatory eh?

This is Shanda and I. You can tell from my head that it was very windy early on, I swear, I really did brush my hair before we went!

This is the CHD awareness tent (and Kassi who is apparently trying to suffocate Brendon with a bunch of balloons!)This picture was taken after we'd been there about a half an hour. Notice the volunteers and all the people getting CHD info :)

This is Terra dancing in the empty tent after the Walk was over.

Just another shot of us all walking. Leesa is trying to get the thousands of people behind us to stop so I can stop running backwards to get this shot! They didn't really cooperate...


  1. Awesome pics, Erin! Thank you so much for sharing these. Love the wind-blown hair, and DANG! How do you grow your nails so long? LOL

    Seriously, this is priceless. Not as good as being there in person, but still, priceless.

  2. Looks like a wonderful turnout, E. That's so cool. I love you, hon. HUGS! to you all!