Sunday, September 24, 2006

Tarheel Tavern #83

Heard the Word of

Tarheel Tavern #83. Can you believe we've run this for 83 weeks without missing a single installment? Nothing short of amazing there!

Before I get started with this week's Tarheel tavern, I'd like to call your attention to the new Carolina Bloggers Blogroll in the right sidebar. I don't know why it's taken me this long to create this blogroll, in retrospect it seems like a no brainer that I should have done a long time ago! It's a pretty thorough list of NC bloggers, particularly those who participate in the Tarheel Tavern. If you don't see your link there, email me! If you know of any Carolina bloggers that I'm unaware of, regardless of their participation (or lack thereof) in the Tavern, email me! And if you'd like the code to add the blogroll to your blog, email me!

Now for the Tavern, pull up a stool and partake of the Carolina goodness!
Iddybud sends in a blog about one of the Clinton Global Initiative workshops. She was there to document this "working session and discussion about the humanitarian crisis in Darfur with actor Don Cheadle from the film Hotel Rwanda and others." One of the final comments was "to clone Don Cheadle!" Sounds like a plan to me!

Abel Pharmboysent in a post about an interview with Tim Westergren about Pandora Radio. What's the matter, don't know what Pandora is? Go read the post! It's pretty interesting what Tim and his group does, and I can see exactly why Abel would want to do that interview, and Tim sounds like a very interesting guy!

Colonel Corn sent me a stroy that was both interesting, frustrating and sweet; it was about thunderstorms and his lovely wife. His wife found herself in a soggy situation and thought he should document it. He did, but the romantic mood of the post was what left me moist around the eyes.

Waterfall ran her first 5K! Last weekend I walked 3 miles and felt winded, I don't think I'd have lived through running it! She, however, "loved running this race." Makes me think I should get off my butt and exercise every once in a while! But one thing I did understand was how good it felt to be in a throng of participants. There's definitely something to be said about being in a group of like-minded folks.

Laurie made Chicken and Dumplings and it looks wonderful. I'm absolutely positive that the fact that all the ingredients were local or organic makes it taste better than all the store bought processed ingredients I'd have used. She always makes me feel like I'm really missing something by not being more green.

Bora sent me a list of links to choose from, and I was most tickled by the one titled Finding Readers in the Most Unusual Places. It's funny sometimes how and where you come across people who read your blog, isn't it? Too bad she was a substitute! It might have made for a really great relationship with his son's teacher!

Billy sent in a poem called Nature or Nurture. Like one of his recent comments here on one of my blogposts, it made me sort of introspective. Maybe sometimes there are no answers, and maybe sometimes there shouldn't need to be. Wish I could convince myself to adhere to the philosophy of this post he sent me.

Scrutiny Hooligans blogs about The Need for Protest Music. He did in fact, show his age, with his talk of records and cassette tapes. Made me feel old, but then maybe that's a left-over from my reaction to Waterfall's post? Regardless, The overall theme was "Turn that shit up!" as well it should be!

Laura at Moomin' Light Took a few minutes to brag on her husband, and rightfully so! He's found (or, actually, founded) a studio for his art The place looks gorgeous, and I hope he's ridiculously successful. There's just nothing like following your heart and finding a way to make your dreams come true.

Ogre shares a patriotic video that I think we should all take a minute to watch. I'm not very big on war, and I think Bush is an ignorant ass, but I've got nothing but the utmost respect and admiration for the men and women who are (and who have in the past) fought to protect America.

etbnc atMy Blue Puzzle Piece has been rearranging and reassembling his pieces, and invites us all to take a peek. He'd love to hear your thoughts on the layout and the content. Personally, I love the look of the place - it's a perfect fit for the title.

And then there's me. As you all know, since we lost our son in April, I've become very involved in raising funds and awareness for Congenital Heart Defects. The Heart Walk was last weekend, so the fundraising is over (for now) but my quest to raise awareness continues. I was recently interviewed by Lenise Ligon of WBTV for a short spot on the news. I can't help but wonder if any of you saw it or even realized it was me. Anyway, you've all heard me spout the statistics, but on September 29th in the Charlotte Weekly there will be another article, and on October 8th in the Charlotte Observer will be yet another that I've done. I'd sure appreciate it if you'd share a copy with a friend or family member who hasn't heard the story, and help me raise even more awareness.
And that, my dears, finishes up this weeks Tarheel Tavern. Hope you enjoy surfing through your neighbors' thoughts. Next week we'll be meeting over at Bora's Place. See you there!

PS: I woke up eeeearly this morning to find another submission in my inbox, I was more than happy to add it, so if you've got a submission and think you're left out because you missed the deadline... well then you don't know me very well! Send it in, I'll slide you right in there!


  1. Good morning, great tavern... 83 weeks-- amazing!

  2. Erin,

    I can't wait to read my fellow Tar Heel Tavern bloggers' entries on this rainy Sunday. Thanks so much for adding my entry - sorry so late. I hope everyone will read up on the Clinton Global Initiative. It really is an encouraging, refreshing, and hopeful new attempt to tackle some of the problems of inequality in this world. I saw and heard many diverse voices, some from world leaders, some from business CEOs, some from NGOs. It was all about hope and how we can realize that hope in a solid, real-world way for maximum meaningful effect. It was an interesting week. I passed people like Richard Branson, Matt Lauer, General Colin Powell, Jesse Jackson, Tim Russert, Greta Van Sustern, Warren Buffet, and Bill Gates in the hallways each morning. Saw Keith Olbermann and Campbell Brown at a press reception. I was one of five bloggers in the press room. It was an honor to have been asked and I got to know and better understand the mainstream journalism world.. made some new friends. I hope the powerful people in this world continue to ask bloggers to sit in and report on what happens behind the scenes.

  3. Nicely done. Thank you!