Sunday, September 3, 2006

Wish me luck

So the new total is $2385. With Gretchen's yarn raffle, it'll be $2698. I'm only $302 short of the goal! Surely I can make that last $302, right?

Kassi's school had hat day on Friday, but the principal is evil (haha I love her!) and wouldn't tell Kassi how much actually came in. She sent in a check for it, which will be applied to Kassi's donation page. It should show up by Wednesday I think, maybe even Tuesday. The curiosity and anticipation is driving she and I nuts! Obviously, Kassi's $200 goal will be met and I'll probably be able to spread the rest around and get each kid $100 for the t-shirt.

I've got a little more info about the other sponsor. I did actually lose one because the guy had a death in the family and obviously isn't thinking much about anything else (and who can blame him!) so, Mecklenburg Bail Bonds Association is donating $200 to go towards the purchase of our team shirts, plus the $34 that was collected from the Photography Raffle, so I'm only having to fork out $56 bucks out of pocket to order the shirts. I plan to order them tomorrow, as soon as that $200 actually hits the paypal account. I have to hurry! I'm running out of time for shipping!

I've already been planning different things for next year's Heart Walk. There have been several ideas and suggestions made this year that there just wasn't enough time to plan and put into action for this year. Like the skate party. I definitely want to do that, but I didn't have the idea until the kids were out of school, and there wasn't enough time after school started this year to be able to get it planned and set up and scheduled and invitations out to all the other students. But I can do that after the first of the year, when the Heart Walk page opens back up for the 2007 Walk.

The photographer came and took pictures of us doing the balloon release yesterday. I was really nervous, but she made it easy. She also let it slip that the planned print date for the story is Sunday Sept. 24th. A week after the Walk. Awesomeness.

In unrelated, but oddly related, news, my oldest son has a new girlfriend that he goes to school with. She's cute as a button and he's just so sweet with her. But yesterday we found out that she was born with a CHD - TGV (Also called TGA) and VSD - and has had 3 open heart surgeries. This is a strange development on several levels. Tommy has never really shown any reaction much to Alexis or Nova's death, and appeared outwardly unaffected by it all. This is, perhaps, a way for him to learn and understand what CHD is all about in a way that he's been pretty uninterested in doing before now. It also, on a not necessarily such a good level, makes me concerned. Tommy already has a family history of CHD, so his chances of having a CHD baby are slightly elevated from the norm, but a woman who has a CHD has a much greater chance of having a heart baby. Put the two of them together and, though I wouldn't know the exact ratios, the chance of a CHD baby would be much higher than general population. I'm trying to do the math, and if I'm not completely off-base, it believe that if they had a child together, the chance of the baby having a CHD would be something like 7.5%, as opposed to the 1% the rest of the world has. They'd be 7.5 times as likely as anyone else. That scares me. Now I know he's only 17, and it isn't likely that he'll end up having a family with this girl, but I can't help but worry, considering this whole thing with that other girl.

Anyway, I'm off to figure out how I'm going to get another $300 or so for the Heart Walk. Wish me luck.


  1. Good luck, sweetie. I knew you could do it. The walk will be a total success. I'm proud of you.

  2. Excellent Job. You've done so much to raise awareness and you've really done well with the fundraising.
    Best of luck with the walk.

  3. Erin. No sweat.


  4. Hugs you sweetie.

    I love the hat idea, that was brilliant. We have hat days at school too, they are always a success, even if someone inevitably ends up with their hat thrown out some window. xx