Tuesday, September 5, 2006


Got a letter from the Beta Club leader at Kassi's school today. Not sure what the exact amount was, she just said "over $500." Pretty friggin' awesome.

Ten days left till the walk. I really don't know what I'm going to do with myself after that. Work maybe. Hopefully. I put in an application at Ross... I love that store, and employees get 20% off.

Remember me saying we had a fish tank given to us? We finally got it together and set up, we lost the first 6 fish within an hour or so. We've restocked, lost a couple more but we have a lot of fish left. 1 Angelfish (there were 2, 1 died. There's a story behind them... Remind me to tell it sometime) 1 algae eater, 2 frogs, 2 snails, 3 bleeding hearts, 4 tiny goldfish (there were 6) 1 sword tail something or other (there were 2, 1 died) and two dalmation something or others.

The snails are my favorite. It's amazing how much I love that stupid fish tank, Scott and I both check on the fish every few hours, and we sit and just look at it, watch the lil fishies swim around. Weird, I'm not what I'd consider a 'fish person' but whatever.

My niece is going in to the hospital tomorrow night, they're giving her some sort of medication to make her start effacing, then they'll induce on Thursday morning. She's measuring 43 weeks. I've seriously never seen a woman (who was only having one baby) so big.

I've spent the last couple of hours going through all of our pictures of Nova, picking the ones I want for the memory book. Trish asked if she could put it together for me. Looking back through those 4 months in pictures has been so hard. Good lord I miss him.


  1. *hug* we miss him too...Love you Erin!

  2. Okay now I feel bad that I keep asking you for the stuff not that it would be any easier later but you kwim. Please don't hesitate to tell me not right now if it gets too hard. It has been hard for me too going through all the memories but I am going to make him one great memory book and there will be plenty of love and tears put into it before I'm done.

  3. Sometimes looking through pictures is so emotionally draining that I can't do it. I have photos of my brother, lots of them, it hurts to look through them, but they are my most precious reminders of his life.

    Are you guys letting the water sit empty of fish for 24 hours with the filter running. That will cut down on the loss of fish. A fish tank is very relaxing. Makes me want to get one.

  4. I tagged you. But it's optional. The other people I tagged have no choice however.

  5. haha Rain, you're a sneaky one. You just knew that if you made it optional I'd just have to do it, didn't you!

    The fish: the original problem was not enough water conditioner to combat the chlorinated city water. The ones that have died since then, well, I'm not sure what the problem is, except the angel fish - he had brain damage, but I'll post that story soon :)

  6. I start at my fish quite often. Something about the sounds of the water from the filter and just watching them glub glub around, without a care in the world...eh, tank...is soothing. :)

    P.S. Probably a dalmation mollie. They bear live young and often. Keep your eyes peeled, especially down by the gravel and where the plants are. They're sooooo teeny at first and most of them will get eaten, but I have always had a few make it to adulthood. (Of course, if I was a good fish owner, I would probably buy one of those little birthing net thingys so they could all live, but that's not natural, so I don't. :-P)

  7. *starE at my fish. Sheesh!

    P.S. My word verification word is "ickzey". Sounds like something Gollum would say.