Friday, September 1, 2006

And the winner iiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiis....

OK Folks the deadline just passed for joining the photography raffle, which means I just drew the name of the winner. And the winner of the $100 Professional Photography gift certificate is a woman who presently lives in New York but will soon be moving to Union County, which means she'll be my neighbor, and a fellow transplanted yankee! Her name is Cindy, and I met her through a board called Union County Mommies, and several of the entrants for this raffle came from there. So, Congratulations Cindy! And thank you SO much to my other Union County neighbors!

The Deadline also just passed for Ryan's Blanket. There were only 2 entries there, but I cut all 25 little squares, shook them up, closed my eyes and pulled out a name, and Joyce is the winner there. Joyce is one of those sweet sweet souls with whom I have several things in commong. Her grandaughter is a 'heart baby' though she's not a baby at all anymore! And Joyce is also a writer and a poet whose work I very much enjoy. So Congratulations Joyce, and Thank you Gretchen!

Speaking of Gretchen, I haven't heard who the winner(s) of the yarn raffle are yet, but I will post that too when I find out!

There are still 2 raffles running - the Tastefully Simple Raffle and the Billy Jones' Book Collection raffle. Please scroll down to read more about those if you think you'd like to enter either one of them!

Gretchen has drawn the names for the three winners of the yarn raffle but I can't possibly compete with her post, she's so good at suspense! So go see her post here and here to find out who won. And I want to say this, even though Gretchen told me to stop it. Thank you Gretchen, and thanks to all the people that entered her raffle! She raised $303 for the Heart Walk. She had it in her heart to make it to $300, and it happened! Thank you, all of you!


  1. Hurrah! And THANK YOU ALL. My new grandson Rhys will enjoy the blanket!

  2. Erin, after some consideration, would you please let Ryan's mom know that I'm donating the quilt back to her -- I am sure Trish would like to have it, and Ryan as well. So, there you have it, as the Emperor said to Mozart!

    Quick, before she wraps it up! Spit, spot, as Mary Poppins said to....well, whoever. :) Many thanks!