Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Setting the TV Alarm

Sometimes my quirks cancel each other out. Like, quirk #1: I love Rosie O'donnell. LOVE her. I was ecstatic to hear that she was taking Star's spot on The View. Couldn't wait to see her on daytime TV again. Quirk #2: I no longer watch TV. Seriously, my TV stays on kids' programming all day. In the evening I'm too busy/distracted to watch TV.

These 2 things combined mean that, despite the fact that I have been looking forward to Rosie's return to TV, I have yet to remember to watch. So, I finally, thanks to Trish's suggestion, set my reminder to go off when The View comes on in the morning. How ridiculous is that? I'm such a nerd. But even more ridiculous is the fact that I'm beside myself with excitement about watching TV.


  1. Rosie is hilarious and down to earth. I'm a Rosie nerd fan too.


  2. I totally understand this. I am NOT a tv watcher- period. But recently, during a bout of insomnia I got hooked on two of the most ridiculous things in the world--Nip/Tuck and Degrassi. Sure, go ahead and laugh at me. A pretty strange combination. Run that past a shrink!

    Degrassi happens to come on J's favorite kid's channel, once the kid's programming is done for the day, so that's how I stumbled upon it. I think I watch it because I wish I had found it when I was a teen. Nip/Tuck--well, I watch it because it pisses me off, I think. Not really sure. It's funny, though.
    So yeah, I don't think your Rosie obsession is all that strange. Enjoy the hour or so of time for yourself.

  3. Scotty6:14 PM

    My only question is did you get to watch rosie today? did Terra allow you to?

  4. Heh, I got it turned on and stuff, but the video and audio weren't timed right so it was like watching Godzilla - the lips didn't match the words and it was driving me crazy. So the first commercial break I go out to smoke, and come back and Terra had turned her Blue's Clues movie on. I didn't argue, since it was driving me nuts anyway.

    I do love Rosie though, seriously. Maybe tomorrow I'll actually get to watch :|

  5. God, the words have to match the lips. If I couldn't read lips, I'd be lost. I can't stand it when the sound is out of sync.