Tuesday, September 19, 2006


There's nothing like a good professional photographer to turn something you hate into something you barely notice. But can photos be cliche? 'Cuz I think the one is going to be cheesy and cliche, but I'm not telling why, in case they use it, then I'll just show it to you.

*whew* one more interview to go and I'm done for a while

It started raining right after the photographer left, and right now there is THE most beautiful rainbow right over my house, and my camera won't work. Bastard.

We forgot to pick up the rest of the pictures from Walmart today. Damn it. Tomorrow. I promise.

Shanda, one of my favorite nurses, who was at the Heart Walk, emailed me :) I love her, I love them. Seriously. I want a job at the hospital just so I can see them every day. I miss them. 45 days of insanity and emotional hell forged such a bond, made me feel so close to them. So connected. There were days when I was so tired of being there, so tired of the medical roller coaster and all the doctorese, but them, them I loved every minute. Crazy how connections are made isn't it? Those women will forever be a part of my daily thoughts. Dr. Watts too. People are confused I think by the fact that I adore a man who couldn't save my babies - but you'd have to experience it to understand, so I'm glad you don't.

Truth is, they spent so much more time with him those last 6 weeks, knew him inside and out literally...


Today has been kind of crazy, I'm frazzled. I want to work on this layout some more, I like it, but it needs a bit o' tweaking.

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  1. The layout is gorgeous.

    Nurses are wonderful.