Friday, September 8, 2006

Ass Kickin'

These are the numbers for the whole team. As you can see, not everyone hit their $200 goal, but as a team we far surpassed the goal!

I even got an email congratulating me on meeting my personal goal. You guys should have all gotten one of those, lord knows it was all of you that met my goal! Wish I could give each of you a big hug!

I ordered the team t-shirts on the 4th, they were supposed to be shipped out on the 6th, they still weren't shipped as of noon today. There is SO little time left, I started to freak out and called's customer service #. Seems there's a glitch in their system that made it so the order didn't actually get logged! But, because cafepress has the most awesome customer service, they expedited the order, shipped it this afternoon with upgraded shipping (1-2 day I believe they said) and deducted all shipping charges! Yay Cafepress!

Brendon came home with another donation today, from one of his teachers. She trusted him with a $20 bill, right in his pocket, no 'security precautions' at all. That's trust eh? That'll show up in his account probably Monday.

I have an interview with Charlotte Weekly tomorrow at 4pm. An interview with WBTV (local tv station) on Tuesday, possibly another interview with the Charlotte Observer reporter one day this coming week (though I won't swear she'll need to see me in person again before the story comes out) and The Observer's photographers will be at the Heart Walk on Saturday. I'm so freakin famous that I'm feeling the need for a sports car and plastic surgery! Yeah, whatever.


  1. Woohoooo! I knew you before you were famous. I feel so special! (I'd feel special even if you weren't famous, but that's not the point.) So many congratulations on the money raised, E. That's AWESOME!!! I will be walking beside you in spirit.

  2. Gretchen10:08 PM

    Erin, I am just grinning for you. I actually was just over at the kintera site before coming here and made my husband look at your new totals.

    My stepbrother is down in Charlotte and I'm going to make him save the papers for me.

    (dumb beta blogger won't let me log in)

  3. Three Cheers (each one worth a thousand!)! FANTASTIC! I am so proud of you!

  4. Erin, I am so proud to know you. If the same loss had happened to me, I'd be such a mess. You inspire me to do better, you really do.

  5. So does this call for another raise for the goal?? ;-) You did great, Erin.

    Only a few more days until the walk...