Saturday, September 9, 2006

the race is on!

I got up early and dusted and vacuumed and got everyone dressed, Scott went to work. I obsessed about things like putting the clean dishes away and you know, the little stuff I'd see that needed to be done before the reporter arrived. I got everything done and blogged a bit, then worried that there were things that weren't done, and went back to cleaning things that were already clean. All this nervous energy (and frustraton over the geneticist's findings) had me wired and feeling like I was rushing around like crazy.

So when the reporter didn't show up at 4, I said something to Scott, who said that after I spoke to her one the phone the other day, I told him that she'd be here today at six, not 4. OK, I don't doubt it. I should have written it down because I really don't remember things very well lately.

So anyway, now realizing that she's supposed to be here at 6, I figure it's time to cook up a speed dinner. Begin cooking at 4:25, we were eating by 5, done and cleaned up by 5:45, and hurriedly waiting for the reporter again. Yes, hurriedly.

Well, it's 8:03 and she isn't here yet.

She didn't show up. But it isn't bad enough to be a no show, she's also a no call. I tried to call her, thinking hell, knowing me, I got the damn day confused too, wtf do I know!? (No not really, I'm positive about the day lol) Anyway, I called her and got her voice mail at work. Still no call back.

Those of you who know me know that I've spent 2 days screwing up the guts to do this, you know I've been a nervous wreck contemplating what I'd say, how I'd answer certain questions, and worrying that if there were pictures taken, I'd be making some horrible face in each of them. I've been doing all of the above for 2 days, for nothing.


So, I'm thinking it's pretty damn unusual for a reporter to contact a person, request an interview, and then blow it off, so now that I'm over the nerves and past the irritation, I am concerned that maybe something happened. I'm concerned, not because she didn't show (because shit happens you know?) but because she didn't call. I mean, that's just weird, right?


But hey, I did my hair and put on make-up and got 'kinda' dressed up. Anyone want to babysit for me so Scott and I can go out on a date while I look pretty? Oh, wait, it's race night - never mind.

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  1. Oh, no! Have you heard anything yet? I feel so bad for you, going to all that effort and through all that worry, and now not knowing what the problem was/is.

    I hope she's okay. I hope she didn't just flake out and forget, too.

    It's so bright and cheery over here now. Love "Let what you love be what you do."