Sunday, September 17, 2006

Heart Walk 2006 pics (2)

This is Jacob. He's an adorable kid, with the most awesome smile! Here you can see his arm brace - he gets his real cast on Tuesday, but this also shows the sticker on the back of his shirt. It's an "In Honor Of" sticker. It says "I'm walking in honor of" and he wrote "ME" because he was born with a congenital heart defect. I learned yesterday that so was Leesa. Although I don't know exactly what hers was, the fact that she's walking for the AHA and pushing her grandson, it's proof that plenty of CHD patients live long full lives!

Me on stage before I had to talk. The girl in pink and purple is Lenise Ligon. She's pregnant (like, PREGNANT) but you'd never really know it to look at her.
(Erin, look at my feet :) )

Scott in the background, pushing Terra (who you can't really see), me, Kory behind me, Leesa and her grandson, Lisa, and Daniel, and Kassi the sign holder in front - with the Coke can that made it into almost every picture that had her in it!

Lisa and Leesa are still trying to figure out how to get the video to her email and send it to me. Bless her heart I'd have given up, I'm a technotard with stuff like that, but she's still at it, because she rocks. I'll let you guys see it when she sends it to me. I wish I'd have been able to tape the whole event! I mean, looking down on a crowd of 7000 people would have just been an awesome shot!

Lenise said yesterday that she'd try to get a copy of the news piece for me, and if she can I'll get it up too. I'm still dumbfounded by how much it didn't suck. That's what I need in life, a professional editor :)

You know what? I just found out that there's a LIVE WEBCAM in Charlotte that shows the corner where the Heart Walk was. You guys could have been WATCHING! Damn it, I didn't even know there was one or I'd have linked to it :| Pisser.

If ya want to see the corner (now empty of course) it's here, labled Center City. The camera angle, with the way the stage was set up, you'd have actually been able to see me on stage lol.


  1. Wonderful!

    If Lisa and Leesa have too much trouble, they could upload to You Tube?

  2. Now look at you. You are just a tiny little thing for someone sooo strong. Small but mighty, that's what you are.

    I'm sure you will figure out the video thing. I'm waiting with baited breathe. What ever that means.

    You all look so enthusiastic! (Especially Kory with the cheerleaders hee hee.)

    Go one with your bad selves!


  3. Would have been great to see live, but I'm still tickled to see the pictures.
    Congrats on such a great and meaningful event. You worked so hard to help save so many lives.
    You inspire me.
    Glad to know you.

  4. You're wearing your Crocs! *HUGE SMILE*

  5. Heh, guess what? I saw the Crocs before I even read the post. Credit for me! :)

  6. great job Erin. Aw too bad about the webcam. I love those things.