Friday, September 15, 2006

Go team Nova!

Team Nova has raised so much more than I'd ever hoped when I first decided to join the Heart Walk! I'm flabbergasted, and I reserve that word for special occasions, ok!?
And to top it off, Kim's son Jacob is in the lead for a separate contest to see who can raise the most money online. He got $800 in donations today, and I just got this in my email! YAY Jacob! Hope that makes up for breaking your arm on Wednesday!

The prize is a $500 gift certificate to the Off Broadway Shoe Warehouse. That's a whole lot of shoes! I wish they'd have been running this contest back when I first started, I'd have won if it were running during the first 2 weeks after I joined lol.

Just got done with the reporter who read her story to me. It hasn't been to the editor yet so it isn't the final version, but it did give me a good handle on what it's going to be like. I kept telling her that I didn't envy her job of keeping the timeline straight, maintaining the emotional impact while having to spout details about medical details. I think it came out pretty well! THIS story WILL have a web version (as far as I've been told anyway, and I'll link to it when it comes out. I'm not going to say a word about the details of it. That would ruin it!

The Charlotte Weekly story will be out on September 29th. I haven't even done that interview yet, and I honestly have no clue what direction she'll be going with it, but I'll find out on the 22nd when she gets here ;)


  1. YAY Jacob! Hope that makes up for breaking your arm on Wednesday!

    Why'd you break his arm? HA HA HA. Sorry, looong day, quite punchy.

    This is such great news, E! I am so proud of you. :)

  2. I call it "motivational tactics" and see, it worked!

    I'm so excited about walking tomorrow, and about running the awareness tent :)