Tuesday, September 12, 2006


The shirts came in today! Woo Hoo! They look awesome! I'm so happy they came and now I don't have to worry about them anymore! *whew!* Thank you Cafepress! You ROCK! They're so pretty, and so very very valuable to me, that I can barely bear to unfold one. Lord I hope I don't get anything on mine!

In other news, it looks like my telephone service (and cable and internet) are being screwy. Time Warner is having "issues" apparently. Issues that cause things like my IP address (and Trish's) is showing up as a California IP, my phone doesn't always ring when someone calls me, and my voice mail is on the blink. And apparently, these issues have been going on, unbeknownst to me, for days.

My phone rang at 7:30 this morning and, being still sound asleep, I didn't get to it before it went through to voice mail. So I check the messages, and there are all sorts of messages that weren't there before, from people who called yesterday - only the phone never rang when they called. The same thing happened yesterday, only guess what message was there? A message from the reporter that didn't show up... only the message was left on Friday, and it didn't 'go through' until yesterday!

We can call off the search teams now, the reporter is fine, and actually did call to reschedule, only Time Warner decided that I didn't need to know that, for two days.

I won't do the interview with her until the 22nd. But bright and early tomorrow morning the film crew for WBTV will be here. I'm absolutely terrified of it, but I'll get through it just fine.


Good lord what have I gotten myself into? Trish? You will pay for this. Bawk bawk my ass bitch. You.will.pay. Haha, you know I love ya, but damn! For the rest of you who don't know wtf I'm talking about, I fully intended to say no to WBTV, not because it isn't a great opportunity, because it is, but television and I just don't go together. My dearest friend in the world talked me into saying yes (she threatened to give me hell and squawk like a chicken every time we talked if I didn't do this interview) and so, I'm doing the interview - and she now laughs at me every time we talk (hahaha I made ya doooo it, I made ya doooo it.) I'm now on the hunt for any media outlets that would be interested in doing a spot on children with special needs. I mean, it's a cause that could use more attention, and I think Trish is just the one to tell that story...

I've taken to obsessing about the ticker at the Kintera/AHA site. The event goal is $1.2 mil. Right now it's at $800 thousand and some change. I check it hourly. I even took to writing down the totals so I could calculate the hourly average donations. In order to reach the $1.2 mil, there has to be an average hourly donation rate of $1941.75 from now till 7am Saturday morning. Think that's doable? Yeah, probably.

I'm a ball of nerves right now. I should be cleaning or something. But I'm not.

And Erin? They are Dalmation Mollies, and one of them is pregnant, and I'm fighting the urge to go get another tank, just for her. I am feeling this unbearable urge to save her babies. I know, it isn't natural damn it, but I'm not so keen on 'Nature's order' lately. For chrissake, I'm considering saving some baby fish. I'm officially certifiable now.


  1. Myrtle would suggest you get a little fish nursery for the fry (why do they call baby fish "FRY?"). You just scoop them into the little nursery box after they're born, and the little box hangs from the edge of the aquarium, keeping them safe until they're big enough to swim with the big fishies. Myrtle's always got fish babies. She's some kind of fish fertility goddess or something.

  2. That is exactly what I was talking about! They're usually not very sturdy, but they'll keep the little ones safe. :) I'm not sure if the mollie will eat her own babies, so I would probably put her in by herself, check frequently and get her out of there ASAP when she's had them. :) How exciting, E! They're soooo teeny when they're born...literally a couple millimeters. This is what you need.

  3. P.S. I don't think you're certifiable. Hell Erin, I have times when I feel guilty that I broke accidentally broke a flower stem or something INanimate but still alive! You're sooooo very intitled to save any baby you want. In retrospect, it was kind of rotten of me to tell you I never tried to save mine. :(

  4. I don't agree. She is certifiable. And I will except nothing less. just kidding.

    hey. there's a discussion going on in my religious post. it may get good. But I think I laid it out for 'em, James Style.