Sunday, September 24, 2006

The Cleansing

When I woke up this morning, I grabbed a cup of coffee, did a bleary eyed email check, added a couple of entries to the Tarheel Tavern, and headed outside for a cigarette, (and all before 8am this morning!) It was so beautiful this morning. It's so obviously slipping into Fall. The air is clearer, drier, and just has that Fall quality to it. It was so pretty it hurt, cliched Carolina blue sky and puffy clouds billowing by. It was also obvious -despite how clear it was at the time- that it would rain before the day was over. You could smell it, plus, the fireants were in an uproar. The old timers forecast winter temps by the wooly booger caterpillars, us youngin's predict rain by the frenzy of fireants.

But between Fall mornings and September rainstorms there are, sometimes, summer afternoons. It took all I had to stay strong and leave the A/C off. It got hot, and despite having all the windows open and the exhaust fan on, it was pretty darn uncomfortable. Then, of all things to have for dinner, I made lasagna. One ridiculously large pot of boiling water and 25 minutes of the oven being on at 375 degrees, and it hit miserable ranges of heat and humidity in my house. It had me wishing it was 7:30 am again.

Now the rain has come, thank God, and gone. Just a quick shower as the sun began to set was all it took to cool it off and make me smile again. I love the rain, in case I haven't ever said so before. With or without thunder, it's just, well, cleansing. My only regret is that it stopped so quickly. My mental status is pretty grimey lately. I could have used a longer cleansing.


  1. Do you need a mental sponge bath? Pick me, pick me! :-P

  2. ;)
    If only NC weren't so damned far from you!

  3. *sigh* I'm waiting for those rains too, Erin.

    E2...are those mental sponge baths being offered up to other moontown sisters? I say we all get together sometime PRONTO!!!

  4. That's one thing I used to relish about my routine when I was working. I had to be up so much earlier than the rest of the world, and I could take the dog for that first early morning walk while the world was still quiet and sleeping. And an early morning rain- wonderful!

    *hugs* to you.

  5. Enjoyed the video of the Walk interview. How did it go? I will be looking for the Observer article on the 8th and the Charlotte Weekly one. Girl, you are doing something GOOD here. Blessings to you.

    PS: Man, I just found out about the Tarheel Tavern. Need to look into this. Looks cool!

  6. Enjoyed the video, Erin. How did it go? I will look for the articles on the 9th and the 29th. Thanks for letting us know.

    I need to look into the Tarheel Tavern. Looks cool!