Saturday, September 16, 2006

Heart Walk 2006 pics (1)

There are many more pictures - Blogger decided this was my photo allottment for now. Plus, I have to wait for our pictures to come back from being developed, and Mel took a lot of pics with her camera too that she's going to email to me. I haven't even seen them yet. The pictures here come from Kim and Lisa's cameras. I'll add more when Blogger gets its head out of its butt :)This (click it for the full effect here ok?) is a shot of the throng of walkers snaking through Charlotte. We were actually pretty close to the front, and it snaked much farther behind us than it did in front of us! (SEVEN THOUSAND PEOPLE.)
This is Kim, the wonderwoman who found the sponsor that financed the biggest part of the t-shirts.
Jacob, Daniel and Mackenzie (my daughter has a crush on cute lil Jacob here, but don't tell her I told ya so!)
Lisa and Daniel
Terra was pretty fond of this guy. I was afraid she'd be scared of him, but she even gave him a kiss.
A shot of us.
The Littlest LeClairs of Team Nova - gotta love the look on Terra's face!
This is Kory's favorite shot of the day. Him, with a group of seriously hot Panthers Cheerleaders. They were so hot Scott even commented, and Scott never comments on other women!


  1. Great pics! Although I have to say, I don't see anything particularly hot about the cheerleaders... Perhaps the genetic betrayal that is my body prevents me from embracing their bouncy beauty. :-P

  2. Oh cool, E. The turnout was awesome. Congratulations honey!

  3. Erin~
    You didn't see them from behind in their tiny tiny illegally-tight black pants. Oy!

    It was SO awesome! So many people were there, and SO MANY of them were CHD teams! YAY!

  4. So glad everything went so well! I loved seeing the pictures, too. Gave me a sense of participation!

  5. Lean in there, Kory.
    What a cutie.

    Wonderful shots. Thanks for sharing. If we'd been any closer, I'd have joined you.
    Makes me happy seeing you and your family.
    I like the new look, too.