Monday, November 14, 2005


On a less heated or emotional note:
Cinnamon Toast Crunch is the food of the Gods.


  1. I used to eat Capn Crunch until the roof of my mouth bled! I think I should go to heaven.

  2. mmmmmm now I want some.

    Fruit Loops with apple juice instead of milk for me! Tast-y!

  3. Yum! You're so right, E. I buy the generic and it has more cinnamonny goodness that the real thing. Jonas is not fond of it, though. But he'll eat the hell out of real cinnamon toast. And yet he won't eat toast with, say, butter and jelly. Go figure.

    When I was pregnant, the food of the gods was french fries. French fries and ice cream. Not necessarily together, but I wouldn't have minded.

    Enjoy your cereal.

  4. garnet~ lol, that's how my husband feels about Cap'n Crunch. But I promise, Cinnamon Toast Crunch is SOOOOOOO much better!

    Dear God Laura, Froot Loops and apple juice. The idea boggles the mind!

    Ang~ Terra is super finicky about what she'll eat, and she LOVES toast, but no jelly, no way, and CTC, yeah, she loves them. She also decided she likes bacon... MEAT! SHE EATS MEAT! as if bacon is GOOD for you!? ugh.

  5. I am so snacks lately have been comprised of a glass of milk with a tablespoon full of Nutella....yummmmmm. it makes my worst days feel a bit better to savor that nutty chocolate and wash it down with milk.