Sunday, November 27, 2005

A Sign?

I'm not really one to buy into horoscopes or zodiac signs or whatever, but my daughter asked me today what sign Brendon was, which led to me looking up all the signs and their symbols. That in turn led me to a page called "The Destiny of Babies Born in the Year 2005" so of course, knowing when Donovan will be born, I couldn't resist looking up December 7th. It was interesting to say the least.

Born between December 1 and 10, 2005, your baby will possess a sense for the supernatural. Will be romantic, dreamy, and endowed for the arts. Tendency to pessimism and discouragement. Weak sense of reality. With his soft heart will always feel the need to help and to serve. Numerous difficulties in love life. Vulnerable to cardiac palpitations and cramps.

Now like I said, I don't believe in the shit, but it's an interesting coincidence.

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