Monday, November 28, 2005

And while we're discussing gifts... we were weren't we? I don't remember, I'm in that post-wrapping daze...

Anyway, I have 3 kids in school, and FOURTEEN teachers between them. I try to show my appreciation for the kids' teachers, and the kids really enjoy giving their teachers a little something (and I DO mean a LITTLE something) but somewhere along the line we went from 2 teachers per kid to like, a lot more than that. Guess that's what I get for letting them go to middle school eh? So thank goodness I'm a bargain hunter from Hell. And I'm sure they'll have a little giggle over it if they all compare their identical little gifts, too. I mean, while I appreciate all they do, I haven't got the money or motivation to spend a bundle on them, so they all better get that whole "it's-the-thought-that-counts" thing.

So I'm still waiting for 3 more gifts to arrive via the Postal Express, so I can wrap them and then I'm good to go - at least as far as the kids go. I still have some adults to buy for. I hate shopping for Ma. She's one of those "I'll love anything you get me" people, which makes it impossible to find something special, know what I mean?


  1. the teacher gift thing is special when you have a bunch of kids AND teachers.... my mom used to get the chocolate covered cherry cordials from the dollar store (and they were pretty good, too) and wrap them for us to take in. That way, even if the teacher didn't care for them, they could set them out when guests were over or something at home. Or regift them even....

  2. One year I made cookies and candies and chocolate covered peppermint sticks and stuff and made up tins for each of the teachers. That was fun, then one of the kids said they saw their teacher throw them away. Asshole.

    This year I little gold (tone) apple lapel pins for most of the teachers, then realized I miscounted so I bought some little teacher themed keychains to make up the difference. I put them all in cute little christmas bags with tissue paper and ribbon and shiny name tags and they damn well better not throw them away in my childrens' presence lol.