Wednesday, November 2, 2005


Thanks very much to a reader with a generous heart, I had the pleasure yesterday morning, of mailing out a check to Randy and his wife. Both sides of this family tend to be hard-headed, and too proud for our own good, and because of that I was a little worried that they'd be offended that I was sending them money, let alone money from a stranger, because I hadn't mentioned a word to them about my donation button on their behalf.

I just wanted to let the person who donated that money know how very grateful they were for that check. Things have been very tough for them financially, since Randy was diagnosed and put out of work. They lost a huge chunk of their income, and then piled on medical expenses, traveling expenses, and the bills from a new baby. Plus she's having to miss work too, to be there for him and get him where he needs to be for various appointments.

So, from them, thank you for that, and for all the messages of support, and I want to thank you all too, for allowing me the pleasure of delivering all of the above.

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